Friday, December 30, 2011

My Hair Care Routine.

  Many people always compliment me on my hair. Personally, I love everyone's hair except my own. This may be because I'm a chicken and haven't been able to change my hair cut style. The only thing I usually do is color my hair, but I do not do that often anymore because my hair is damaged. I thought today would be perfect for this since I have not done anything to my hair. This is how my hair naturally is today. I have wavy hair and it is thick. It's usually hard to manage and flat iron, but I have come to like my natural hair and have embraced it. I use no special shampoo or conditioner. In fact what I'm using at the moment is Suave Professionals. I do love Aussie though, I just haven't been using it. Here of some pics of me and my natural long locks today. I will also post a product that I use when my hair is damp!

Now, please note, my hair does not look this nice and shiny everyday. Today I got very lucky! This may be hard to believe and might freak people out, but I rarely even brush my hair..I only brush it if I have to, or sometimes before taking a shower. I usually just wake up and finger comb my hair a little bit. When I brush my hair it takes out all my waves and usually ends up very frizzy. I also never use a blow dryer. I use a blow dryer like 3 times a year. I hate the feeling of my hair after I blow dry it, and it is also very damaging. I try to keep up with trims too. When I do trim my hair though, I take off like nothing. Like I said, I'm a chicken when it comes to my hair : ) I try to sleep with a satin pillow case. Cotton is too rough on your hair and can damage it while you sleep. I also use Argan Oil when my hair is still damp and that has done wonders for my hair! Other then that I don't do much unless i'm actually styling it and I use regular drugstore products. Also, products are supposed to help you, but I find them to be very damaging and they build up on your strands. When I style my hair it actually looks more dry and dull, so lately I've been rocking my natural waves!  Here's a picture of the Argan Oil I use. It can be found at Sally Beauty Supply : )


  1. If I let my hair stay wavy for the day or air dry, I don't brush it either. I just use my fingers as well. It's definitely the best way to keep your hair wavy without the frizz! :D