Friday, December 9, 2011

Sparkpeople..Free Weight Loss Site!

 I wanted to tell you all about a site that I have used on and off when I need help losing weight! I'm not sure how many of you are interested in stuff like this, but many people want to lose or just maintain a healthy lifestyle! Sparlpeople is a great site that is FREE to join and FREE to use. It provides you with plenty of tools to help you achieve or maintain your goals. I have just signed back up with them and i'm determined and ready this time to shed some weight before the Spring.
  Sparkpeople helps you keep track of all the calories you eat and all the water you consume. You earn points by using the site which you can use those to buy yourself or friends virtual gifts and badges. This site is also all about support and motivation. They have teams you can join, plenty of forum topics, and weekly goals. They have food plans based on your needs like no dairy, no red meat, or vegetarian. They have health articles you can read and exercise videos. They also give you an exercise plan telling you how much cardio you need to do that day and strength exercises! You can customize a lot of this also! They honestly have so many helpful tools on here, some I haven't listed because there is a lot! This has helped me personally in the past and has helped others! They even have success stories from everyday people like you!

  So if you need to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or just need help getting to a healthier, happier, better you then you should really check this out! I hope this posts was able to help you all! : ) Feel free to find me and me to your friends : ) My name on there is focused311

Here's the link to get started!
Click here to sign up FREE!

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