Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Lips "Pink Punch" and "Quenched" Review

I got these products free through I haven't tried them all yet, but I have tried "Quenched" and "Pink Punch".  These are my honest opinions.

                                All of the Maybelline New York Baby Lips Lip Balms claim to:
                                                    -have 8 hour moisture and lip renewal
                                                        -82% saw visibly less dry lips
                                                          -94% had less rough lips
                                             -77% saw that there lips were more supple
                                                 -77% overall had better looking lips

                                                               -SPF 20 Sunscreen
                                                                    -adds shine
                                                                    -easy to use
                                                                 -cute packaging

                                                  Here are my thoughts on each one...
                                 The Blue one is "Quenched" The pink one "Pink Punch"
These both have very cute packaging and the packaging and claims alone are enough to get someone's attention.  The Baby Lips Lip Balms are also very affordable. They retail for about $3.99 at most mass retailers.

I love "Pink Punch" it smells good and adds a nice pink color to your lips. I love pink lips, so this was perfect for me! : ) It didn't have much of a taste, but that's okay. It went on very smooth and added some nice shine to my lips. I will be buying this in the future.

I decided to try out "Quenched" because I heard a lot of people saying that they like it. I did not get the same results as other though. I like that it goes on clear and adds some shine. It doesn't smell bad. It has a light sweet smell to it. When applied it felt thick and I could lightly taste sunscreen. I wasn't really impressed with this one and will not buy this in the future.

Both of these I had to apply several times. My lips sadly did not experience any of the above claims. : (  Even though the claims did not prove truthful for me, I said I would buy "Pink Punch". I like the color of this one, the texture, and the smell.

              Here is a swatch of "Pink Punch" on my arm. It look this pink on my lips also.

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