Friday, December 30, 2011

My Hair Care Routine.

  Many people always compliment me on my hair. Personally, I love everyone's hair except my own. This may be because I'm a chicken and haven't been able to change my hair cut style. The only thing I usually do is color my hair, but I do not do that often anymore because my hair is damaged. I thought today would be perfect for this since I have not done anything to my hair. This is how my hair naturally is today. I have wavy hair and it is thick. It's usually hard to manage and flat iron, but I have come to like my natural hair and have embraced it. I use no special shampoo or conditioner. In fact what I'm using at the moment is Suave Professionals. I do love Aussie though, I just haven't been using it. Here of some pics of me and my natural long locks today. I will also post a product that I use when my hair is damp!

Now, please note, my hair does not look this nice and shiny everyday. Today I got very lucky! This may be hard to believe and might freak people out, but I rarely even brush my hair..I only brush it if I have to, or sometimes before taking a shower. I usually just wake up and finger comb my hair a little bit. When I brush my hair it takes out all my waves and usually ends up very frizzy. I also never use a blow dryer. I use a blow dryer like 3 times a year. I hate the feeling of my hair after I blow dry it, and it is also very damaging. I try to keep up with trims too. When I do trim my hair though, I take off like nothing. Like I said, I'm a chicken when it comes to my hair : ) I try to sleep with a satin pillow case. Cotton is too rough on your hair and can damage it while you sleep. I also use Argan Oil when my hair is still damp and that has done wonders for my hair! Other then that I don't do much unless i'm actually styling it and I use regular drugstore products. Also, products are supposed to help you, but I find them to be very damaging and they build up on your strands. When I style my hair it actually looks more dry and dull, so lately I've been rocking my natural waves!  Here's a picture of the Argan Oil I use. It can be found at Sally Beauty Supply : )

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Impressions and Swatches: Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition

             First Impressions and Swatches: Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition
I love Kat Von D make up! I have a few things from her brand and have loved them all! I personally think from what I've tried that she has the best eye shadows! They are pigmented, velvety smooth, and blend very well. I just went and picked this palette up. I haven't tried it out yet, but I have looked at it and have swatched all the colors. 

I have this palette and the first one. I will show a picture comparing the two. This one has a velvet fabric feel to it's cover and is a little smaller than the first one. This one did not come with as much as the first one, but the shadows do seem quite bigger.

This palette also comes with a Sin-Full Mascara

Here are the swatches! My webcam isn't great for swatches so I have tried my best! Overall the shadows to me are highly pigmented and you did not need to use a lot at all. The top row is with a primer and the bottom row is without!

                                           -downtown, precious, sunset blvd, and first class.
                                                          First Class:a nice shimmery white
                                                    Sunset Blvd: a gorgeous shimmery gold
                                                       Precious: a very light pinky tan color
                                                   Downtown: a shimmery bronzy brown color

-WTF, blackhearts, galeano, and camila
WTF: a beautiful redish mauve color(light shimmer)
Blackhearts: a dark plum color(shimmer)
Geleano: almost like a purple grey to me
Camila: light pink (matte, didn't show up here, will post a better pic)

blacksmith, oddfellow, speed blue, and holy bible
Blacksmith: black with lots of small mostly silver glitter pieces 
Oddfellow: Black with blue, green, and silver pieces
Speed Blue: just a nice dark denim blue shade
Holy Bible: silver with a light blue sheen to it

night of the hunter, nerd, evil monkey, and helsinki
Night Of The Hunter: a dark mossy green
Nerd: shimmery forest green shade
Evil Monkey: light brown
Helsinki: beige/tan color with gold shimmer

                       Here are 3 swatches of colors that I didn't think showed up too great
                                                   Helsinki, Holy Bible, and Camila
Here are both palettes next to each other. The first one came with 3 mini primers, lashes, and a rollerball perfume. This palette only came with the mascara. There are no repeat colors. Some shades may look similar, but they do all have their own color to them and do vary. They are both I believe $50.00, but on sale I think I bought the first one for $35.00-$39.00 and the second one I bought for $32.00!

The Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition is sold at Sephora stores and at right now for $32.00. This was not my full review review of this palette. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Late Sample Staurday..

So, sorry this is late! It was a very busy weekend for many. I hope you all had a great weekend and holiday with loved ones. Here's what I got for free in the mail this week. : )

                             -Magazines: Playboy, Maxim, SHAPE, and Fitness. Also, a nice TinyPrints card

                                                 -2 Udi's Gluten Free Food Bundles

-Mouse pad, Double Talks, Showstoppers, Cosmic Catnip, and Dove Nourishing Oil Care sample

-Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Hydrating Cleanser, Kotex samples, Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer samples, Seattle's Best Coffee, and 4 pairs of panties from Victoria's Secret( one pictured)

-Living the Boomer Life for Dummies book, a Flashlight, Coupons for free Beech-Nut products, and beautisol self tanner samples

             -Water bottle, 2 collapsible vases, and a coupon from DD for a free medium beverage!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sample Saturday! 12-17-11

YAY! Sample Saturday is here! I do this every week to show you all what I got for free in the mail throughout the week! You all could be or already are also getting all this great stuff! These are all free and found on the internet! I got a lot of really great stuff this week! Here's what I got! : )

             I got a lot of coupons in the mail this and I was able to get all this free at Wal-Mart! : )
-Hills Bros 3 Pack of French Vanilla Cappuccino, Naturella Skin Care Sample (I got 2 of these and each one was busted open : (

-Being Girl Survival Kit (pads,liners,tampons, and a Travel Size Secret Deodorant), Become weekend sampler, 2 sets of Nescafe' Instant Coffee samples.
-Osmotics Cosmeceuticals 3 piece sample kit (also came with a $25.00 voucher for their products), SPANX  Sport ease socks (these are so soft!)
-another Like Book, SHAPE magazine, and Beauty Packaging magazine..I also got a Good Housekeeping magazine(not pictured)

-Fish Oil softgel samples, Prilosec OTC sample, Post-it samples, and Lanacane gel sample
-10 samples of Pert Plus, 2 Dove shampoo and conditioner samples, TRESemme' sample
-Go Red American Heart Association Pin, Fancy Feast ornament (came in a very nice pouch), coupon for FREE Pillsbury Easy Frost No-Fuss Frosting, coupon for a FREE bag of dog or cat treats (I won this from an Instant Win Game I think), NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk ( I won a $10.00 Amazon GC and used some of it to buy this)
-Free samples from Is That Odd- Honeycat Cosmetics Bath Crystals and France Luxe 3 piece Hair Set
                                                                  What did you get!?
                         Click here to learn about Is That Odd and sign up free! It's all free : )

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dark Holiday Eyes

A few bloggers and I have got together to put up holiday looks for all of you! My look is using the ELF quad in "LUXE" that I have blogged about before. This look is kind of smokey and dark. I always tend to have eyes that stand out and have some smokeyness to them. Here's my look. Hope you like it!

                                                              Here's the final look!
Think of these colors as 1,2,3,4. Starting with the lightest shade.

            -First use a primer or a base. I used the ELF All Over Color Stick in "Golden Peach"
  Then for perfectly cut eyes place a piece of tape at the corner of your eye going to end of your brow.
Apply the 4th color, the brown one all over your lid and in your crease. Make a shape that you like using this.
                 -Then apply the 2nd color, the red one in your crease and to the outside of your eye.
                              -Apply the 3rd color, the darkest one to the outter corner of you eye.
-Apply the 1st color, the lightest one to your brown bone and inner tear duct. Also use this to soften up the edges
-Apply eyeliner ( I used LUXX cosmetics Indelible Gel Eyeliner in "Black Cherry", don't worry if you get anything on the tape. Try going for a winged liner look.
-Apply mascara, I used Great Lash Lots Of Lashes in "Very Black". Curl lashes.
                              -Peel the tape off and add black liner to the corner of your waterline.
                                                                Final Look! : )
                 -On cheeks I used Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Blush in "Blushing Nude"
-On lips I used Maybelline New York Moisture Extreme Lipstick in #40 "True Pink" with a little bit of LUXX cosmetics gloss in "Quiver" over it.
Different day, Same Look.
                                      Don't forget to check out all the other great looks! : )
                                                           Lashgirl-Soft and Sexy Look
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                                               MakeupWithCinthia- Holiday Party Makeup
                                                       Beauty, Fashion, and More: PIE!
                                                      chelsm89: Christmas Glamour Look
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sample Saturday! 12-10-2011

It's that time again! Sample Saturday is here! I do this every Saturday to show you all what I got for free in the mail this week! I didn't get a ton of stuff this week, but that's how it is. Sometimes you'll have a great week and others not so great. It's all free though, so I am not complaining! : )

                 -Navigating Your Health Benefits For Dummies book and the Like Book For Couples

-Scotch-Brite Sponge with coupon, DenTek Floss Pick sample, Saline Soothers samples, Splenda samples with coupon, and Scensibles sample

-Better Homes and Gardens Spiced Pumpkin Pie scented wax cubes and a coupon for a free bag of EatSmart Naturals

                              -2 sets of Kotex samples. Each came with 1 pad, 2 liners, and a coupon

-TRESemme shampoo and conditioner sample with a coupon, Flexitol Heel Balm sample, HoneyCat Cosmetics bubble bath, and Smile Bright Teeth Whitening pen

                                     So, those were this weeks freebies! What did you get?