Thursday, January 5, 2012

Congrats Lashgirl! She needs YOUR votes!

My dear friend Lashgirl has an amazing opportunity to work with Rimmel London! First off I would like to say Congrats girl! Out of 400 entries Rimmel picked out the top 20 people to compete! Now, based on your votes she only has to make the top 10 to be one of the next Rimmel 10 girls! This means if she's in the top 10 she will become a Beauty Ambassador for Rimmel London!  How exciting is this? Here is her video if you would like to show support and here is the  link to vote if you decide you would like to be apart of this! To celebrate this I will be doing a mystery beauty giveaway. This isn't posted yet, but make sure you like me on Facebook so you don't miss a chance to enter.                                       
                                                               Congrats Lashgirl!

                                "Like" me on Facebook so you know when my giveaway will start!


  1. Thank you Allie! I am so glad that I met you and that we have become really good friends! You Rock!

  2. No problem! Same to you also! <3 : )