Monday, January 16, 2012

Gettin' Lippy-Lay It On Thick-Review

Have you ever heard of Gettin' Lippy? I haven't until a few weeks ago. I'm really glad I did, because this balm might have solved my dry lip problems. Let me tell you more about this independent brand.  

 Gettin' Lippy is a patent pending lip balm and is hand made. Let me point out that the packaging is simple and cute. With a name like Gettin' Lippy who doesn't want to know more about this lip balm. These balms have multiple colors and flavors in one tube! That's right, one tube! Your tube will always have 2 or more flavor and color combinations. It's designed so that if you don't like a particular color or flavor, you just snap that one off and move onto the next one. Of course, I tested this for you all! Gettin' Lippy also offers custom orders for anything you can think of like fundraisers, the cheer team, or wedding favors!

                                       Snapped off fine and with clean breaks!

I have three of these balms. They all have 3 flavors and colors in them. I'll list my flavors/colors below. They are the size of a normal chapstick, but I've had better luck with these. The flavors smell great! The names also sound good enough to eat! I don't suggest that though. I took these on a little test and replaced my normal Burt's Bees balm with these over the weekend. They don't really have a taste to them, but at one point I did get a slight coating feeling in my mouth. Once I read the ingredients I learned that it was from one of the oils in this. This is fine though and only lasted for a few seconds. This is completely safe to use. Also, this went on clear for the most part. Only the red color transferred to my lips, but it was very subtle. This also had a nice texture to me and added some nice shine. I'm looking for something that will help my very dry lips and this was it! Not my Burt's Bees, but Gettin' Lippy is the balm for all you dry lippers! I had this rough dry patch on my lip that I have been doing everything to try to get rid of it. After 2 days religiously using this, it was gone. I was honestly shocked! Overall I think this is a great affordable ($3.50 a tube) product. I would only ask for a little more actual flavor to them. Also, yes I laid it on thick as suggested!
                                     This is what it looks like before you snap it.
  This tubes flavors are from top to bottom: Red Cranberry, White Butter Cream, and Green Vanilla Pear
                                     *Flavors/Colors for my other tubes: Not Pictured*
                                                                 TUBE ONE:
                                                -Green Creme Menthe (light green)
                                                    -White Candy Kisses (White)
                                                          -Red Currant (red)
                                                               TUBE TWO:
                                                       -White Coconut (White)
                                                       -Pink Raspberry (pink)
                                                   -Yellow Pina Colada (Yellow)
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-These were sent to me for free by Gettin' Lippy
-This is my honest review and opinions.


  1. I think the layering of flavors makes this a super trendy product! I def. will be trying this out in the future!

  2. How cool is this product?? Helps to keep from getting bored of the same ol flavor! Great idea! I also love the simple packaging, cute! :) Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. I think the idea is great also! These have really helped my dry chapped lips!

  3. when you get tired of a flavor, just "snap it off" usually just throw it across the room in the general direction of the trash

    1. HAHA! Well, this can help from you throwing them away! I also took mine apart, tried everyone, and was then able to put it back together!