Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sample Saturday! 1-14-12

I have got a lot of new followers this week! YAY! If you are new, Sample Saturdays happen every week. I show you all what I got free in the mail for that week. Feel free to comment if you got anything too! You may even post pics of your freebies to my Facebook page! Now, here's what I got!

-Gather Together Coupon Book, two $2.00 off any Tide coupons, and a $10.00 American Express Giftcard and Glade coupon that I won from a giveaway! : )
 -Poise liner samples, Fiber Choice Sample with coupon, and Jewels Sweet Melon Hooka Tobacco?                       (I don't remember signing up for this one since I have no need for this)
-Shoprunner welcome kit that came with this big reusable shopping bag,  Zapzit sample, Olay Professional Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, and Titanium Power Tape
                                           -Bird Calender that came with these bookmarks.
               -Ultra Sheen Men Swagbag that came with 3 men hair care samples and a T-Shirt
-Is That Odd Goodies! Not sure if I got the postcards last week or this week, but I got a France Luxe Hair Clip, Apothederm Moisturizing Cream, and Vanilla Clouds Postcards with magnet.

                                                                 What did you get!? : )
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  1. ahhh I love when you do these posts ! :) I got the Good Housekeeping wax cubes, Lacoste perfume samples, Oregon Chai Tea, Fiber Choice samples, Poise samples, other feminine products, and others that I cannot remember at the moment.

    1. : ) I'm so happy someone enjoys them! The Pumpkin Wax cubes I got a few weeks ago smelled so good! Also, I tried one of my Oregon Chai Tea samples last night, I actually really enjoyed it! Freebies are so great! Besides trying new products, a lot of them come in handy when your out of something : )

  2. where do you get these samples from