Saturday, February 18, 2012

Julep Maven Box! Only 1 cent!

I just ordered a Julep Maven Box! I'm so excited! If you have never ordered one before you can get your 1st one for only $1.00! What a great deal since it is normally $19.99 and I believe has $40.00 worth of product! Go right now and use the promo code SHAREONFEB to get this great deal! You can only always continue to get the boxes or you can cancel after getting your first one so you won't be charged or have to pay anything again! I used a prepaid gift card with $1.00 left and it worked! This is a good way to use up those last few cents!

                          CODES I HAVE SEEN IN CASE ONE DOESN'T WORK-
                       SHAREONFEB-Get It for $1.00 ( I used this one and it did work)(EXPIRED)
                  COLOR2012 -I think this lets you get it for a penny! If it works, Woo-Hoo!
                                     MAVEN5-Get it for $5! Still a great deal!

Once you create an account click on Julep Maven and then the link to become one. It will pick the best kit for you. I didn't like mine so you can always change it to the one you want. Also, this is a great way to use up a pre-paid card. I had one with $1.00 and some change left on it! It worked fine!

                                       Click Here to Score this for only a buck!

Disclaimer-I'm not sure, but if you order this through my link. I think it will give me credit towards a free box! I only get this if you keep your account for 30 days. Most of you will most likely cancel and this is fine! You may also skip months I believe until you want another box.


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