Friday, November 11, 2011

Olay Professional Pro X Clear Acne Protocol Review

Secret's Facebook Page had a promotion not too long ago and I had got this great, I believe full sized kit from them! I was so thankful and excited because unfortunately, I suffer from acne, acne scars, and the spots all over your face from acne. I have really bad skin, it's most likely a genetic thing for me. I do try to take good care of my skin, but nothing will ever 100% fix it. I'm just looking for some great improvements!

These are the claims on the back of the box:
-Clinically proven technology to help bring acne under control for a consistently clear, even complexion
-Professionally designed products to reduce the look of enlarged pores and uneven texture in just 4 weeks
-Expert formulation to balance moisture levels and minimize the appearance of oily skin throughout hormonal fluctuations

I have been using this product for about a week now. I cannot show you before and after photos because I did not take a before photo. To be honest, I didn't expect this to work as well as it is for me. The recommended use for this is twice a day. I have only been using this once a day though. This is a three step system of cleanser, treatment, and lotion. The first time I used this I was breaking out extremely bad! I used this at night and when I woke up, I already noticed a difference. The big acne had went down, my skin looked a little brighter, and my skin felt soft! Throughout the week I have seen a change everyday! Today waking up I still have marks but barely any acne! I can cover marks with make up if I have to, but trying to cover up a face full of acne is hard and ends up looking unnatural. I am very happy with the product so far and can't wait until my four weeks of use is up, to see if it really reduces the look of enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. So far, I can happily say it's doing a great job for me! My boyfriend even noticed the change!

                                           This is what the products look like individually:
                            All of these products have no harsh smell either, they barely smell at all.
                                                  Step 1: Pore Clarifying Cleanser
-2.5 Fl oz. Back of the bottle says: Reduce oil and penetrates pores to help prevent new acne from forming.
-This cleanser doesn't really lather up, but you still do not need a lot of it at all. When washing your face it just feels like a smooth liquid.

                                                            Step 2:Skin Clearing Treatment
-1.7 Fl oz Back of bottle says: Help bring acne under control and prevent future breakouts
- A little of this goes a long way

                                                     Step 3:Complexion Renewing Lotion
-1.7 Fl oz. Back of bottle says: Sheer hydration helps fade the look of spots and redness for an overall renewed appearance
-This bottle come with a cap, I took the cap off to show you that it has a pump unlike the others. This also goes a long way. I only use one pump for my whole face. This really isn't like lotion you put on your body. It's kind of like a serum and it is not greasy at all.

                             This is a picture of what Step 2 and Step 3 look like outside the bottle.


I did get this kit for free from a promotion. The company did not ask me to do any of this. These are my honest thoughts about the product.

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