Friday, November 18, 2011

What is Jingit is a site that pays YOU to watch short ads! You get paid instantly and load the money onto a Visa card. I am telling you all about it now, because I wanted to test it out first. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true! They start you off at an earning limit of five dollars per week. Your weekly earning limit can increase to ten dollars as you refer people to the site and they use your link. It's a very easy site to use and so far i'm enjoying it. They don't pay you a lot of money but and extra $20.00 to $40.00 a month isn't bad. You need a Facebook account and a cell phone that allows you to get text messages to join. Some people might be iffy about this. They need your cell phone number so when you sign up they can send you a security code. That's it. I have never got another text from them besides this. They need your Facebook because that is how you log it and out, through Facebook. In order to get your card you watch a few videos and pay $2.00 from your Jingit cash. There are no fees with this card besides that. I did receive my card in mail and was able to load money onto it. The money showed up instantly. I went to a few stores stores the other day to test the card out and it worked! I had no problems using it! A new week starts every Sunday so make sure you meet your limit before Sunday to get all the potential earnings. If you have any questions about this site you can ask them on their Facebook wall or ask me.

Here's the link if you would like to sign up!

Here's Jingit's Facebook page and my Facebook page!


  1. This sounds amazing, I am definitely going to try it out- thanks!

  2. I know! From what I hear and see on their FB others are enjoying it too. I didn't think it was real at first but I've had no problem with it so far! I've used my card a few times. I think you can even use it online!