Saturday, November 12, 2011

Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner Review

                                          Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in 05 Everlast
Let's just start this off by saying number one, sorry I do not have the packaging still. I held on to it for a while. I believe my boyfriend might have thrown it away. Number two, I got this for free from Milani. They had a promotion their Facebook page if you posted a picture of your cat eye make up they would send you a goodie! Number three, they did not ask me to do this, i'm not being paid, and they aren't even aware that i'm reviewing this. This is my honest opinion!

                                        This is the product description on Milani's website:
Up to 24 hour long lasting formula that wears with comfort and color intensity to perfection. Now you can line your eyes with ease for an all day long elegant glance. Remove with makeup remover.

■ Thin and precise applicator brush
■ Water proof

I'm in love with this eyeliner at the moment! It really is waterproof and lasts for a very long time! I do not have to do touch ups with this eyeliner! This stuff doesn't budge or smudge and is great for those winged eyeliner looks. I'm all for winged eyeliner, and this is perfect for it. You don't have to set this with eye shadow or anything like that either! If your a beginner to liquid eyeliner, I suggest using something washable  on your eyes first, and then tracing over with this. I'm suggesting this because well, once it's there, it's not moving.!

Here is a picture of the actual brush. It is a brush, it is not felt tip or anything like that. When I first opened this, my initial thought was ohhh I hope I can do this. I'm usually not good with brushes like this. Luckily, this was very easy for me to use. I have notice that when you pull the brush out, there is a lot of excess liner on the brush, so you do need to wipe some off. That isn't really a problem for most, but I think that they should have made the stopper or whatever it's called a little smaller.

-This retails on Milani's website for $6.99

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