Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Fit Update.

Okay so a few of my blogger friends and I have teamed up to lose weight, get fit, and reach healthy goals. Here's an update of my progress. This is month one and I started month 2 not too long ago. This has been very difficult for me. Mostly because I am a serious binge eater. I'll admit it. I have been trying very hard though to get on a healthy track. Now I know I'm not going to never eat bad foods for the rest of my life. I did allow myself some treats in month one, and I plan on allowing myself more throughout this journey. Let's be realistic here, if I cut out everything, I would have gave up by now. My plan is basically to eat whatever I want just smaller portions and trying to create healthier versions for myself. I have also tried to add veggies to my meals to bulk up the meal without adding a ton of calories, but adding nutrients. Okay so here are some pictures and after that I will post my results and new goals at the bottom!

                                                   *Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad*
                                       *Chicken in a simple sauce with rice and carrots*
                                                     *Chicken and veggie stir fry*
*All the food above looks high in calories and fat, but these are actually healthier versions. Also instead of store bought sauces loaded with sodium I have been making my own!

HAHA! My boyfriend took this picture of me without me being aware of it...This would be me attempting to jog...very slowly! I was trying though! I'm not a runner, but it was beautiful out that day!
                                              SO DID I REACH ANY OF MY GOALS!?
                                                          Last Months Goals!

                                                  My Goals for month 1-Febuary
                                                               -Lose 3 lbs
                                                   -Eat normal sized portions
                                           -Re-place most snacks with healthy snacks
                                                 -work out 3-4 times a week
I am PROUD to say that I reach every goal except the last one! I did not work out that much. Also on weigh in day I LOST 12 POUNDS! WOW! I was SHOCKED! : ) I gave myself a big pat on the back!
                                                        * March Month 2 Goals*
      -Lose 1 pound. Seems like nothing, but I have to maintain what I have lost already.
                                         -Continue to eat better snacks and meals
                                                   -Work out 3 times a week
*Now 2 girls did not reach their goals. We will not be sending out any goodies this month. We have all tried very hard and will continue to support each other along the way.

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  1. Mmmmmmm the food looks delish! I'll have to try making those. Love the running Congrats on the 12 lbs thats amazing!!!!!!